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magisterQuantitative Asset and Risk Management (ARIMA) [Short-term mobility]

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Quantitative Asset and Risk Management (ARIMA) is an internationally oriented, full-time Master’s degree programme delivered in English. The aim of the specialization is to offer an extensive know-how in the area of asset and risk management with a main focus on its practical applications.

The specialization aims at students with high affinity to quantitative aspects in finance and insurance.

The programme gives an opportunity to get (besides the title “magister” from Universty of Economics in Katowice) a Double Degree diploma from one of following universities:

  • (Austria) University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna
  • (Italy) University of Bologna
  • (Italy) University of Florence
  • (Romania) Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iaşi.

The studies are aimed at acquiring knowledge and competences by the students in the areas of:

- Quantitative Methods and Finance
- Financial Econometrics
- Derivative Pricing
- Risk Measurement
- Asset Management
- Research Methods
- Asset Liability Management and Risk Management for
- Banks, Insurances and Pension Funds
- Private Banking and Family Office
- Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

Struktura kierunku

Programme structure

Możliwości zatrudnienia

After graduation, it is possible to work as:

- portfolio / asset manager
- risk manager
- middle- and top-level manager,
- financial analyst,
- financial advisor,
- management consultant,
- independent entrepreneur and business owner.

Examples of institutions and companies in which students can work after graduation:

- domestic and international non-financial corporations,
- domestic and international financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, investment funds, stock exchange),
- tax and accountancy offices,
- consulting companies,
- central and local governmental entities
- private banking and family office
- compliance and regulatory reporting

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