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E-commerce is an area of business activity that is still gaining importance as it is a potential source of revenue for both Internet businesses and those that treat e-commerce as an additional product distribution channel.

The aim of the studies is to provide students with knowledge and skills in the field of conducting commercial activities on the Internet and the use of social media in line with the expectations of enterprises in the era of electronic economy. Students will also acquire knowledge about the conditions, ways and principles of conducting business activities on domestic and international markets.

The studies are aimed at acquiring knowledge and competences by the students in the areas of:
- models of using the Internet in commercial and promotional activities of enterprises in a multicultural environment,
- management of e-commerce and social media projects and their efficient and effective implementation,
- creating IT solutions for e-commerce,
- financing of e-commerce projects,
- analyzing data for e-commerce purposes,
- consumer involvement in shaping electronic sales channels,
- preparing promotional campaigns using Google Ads (preparation for Google AdWords certification),
- measuring the effectiveness of e-commerce activities using Google Analytics,
- conducting promotional activities in social media,
- knowledge of legal and financial aspects in virtual space.

The E-commerce study programme is taught in English. It is also distinguished by a practical approach to the content taught, which allows candidates to become familiar with the requirements for graduates in the labor market at this stage of education. Students ending the course have the skills to use the acquired knowledge in practice.

This study programme is an innovative course combining the traditional approach to the field with modern methods of knowledge transfer. The entire programme of studies is designed so that the student will gain complete knowledge and skills that will allow for a smooth transition from the stage of learning directly to the path of a career perspective.

Struktura kierunku

Programme structure

Możliwości zatrudnienia

After graduation, it is possible to work as:
- e-commerce specialist,
- e-commerce project coordinator,
- an internet marketing specialist,
- administrator of e-commerce platforms,
- e-commerce analyst,
- expert and consultant in the electronic business sector (IT industry, e-commerce),
- e-entrepreneur.

The graduate will be able to take up jobs in various companies operating on domestic and international markets.

Examples of institutions and companies in which students can work after graduation:
- e-business,
- advertising and PR agencies,
- public opinion and market research centers,
- traditional and electronic media,
- interactive agencies,
- public relations and advertising agencies,
- e-commerce departments of large enterprises,
- enterprises trading via the Internet and electronic tools,
- enterprises involved in the design and implementation of e-commerce solutions
- own company with an e-commerce profile or using e-commerce solutions.

Zaaplikuj teraz! Rok akademicki 2023/24
This intake is not applicable
Rozpoczęcie studiów
1 paź 2023

Terminy mają zastosowanie dla obywateli: Stany Zjednoczone

Zaaplikuj teraz! Rok akademicki 2023/24
This intake is not applicable
Rozpoczęcie studiów
1 paź 2023

Terminy mają zastosowanie dla obywateli: Stany Zjednoczone