UE Katowice Experts Online

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Join us for the #UEKatowiceExpertsOnline mini-lectures!

Short lectures, due to the pandemic developed within home office, are en excellent opportunity to productively fulfill your free time and, all the same, broaden your horizons and self-development.

We encourage you to follow the series on our YouTube channel:

- “Customer loyalty” – prof. Sławomir Smyczek, Ph.D, UE Katowice
- “Organizational resilience” – prof. Tomasz Ingram, Ph.D, UE Katowice
- “The Puzzled Labour Market” – Ewa Wójcik, Ph.D, UE Katowice
- “Research & Development and Innovation Management” – Bartłomiej J. Gabryś, Ph.D
- “Customer engagement” – prof. Michał Kucia, Ph.D, UE Katowice

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13 Jan 2021